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Bo liters gilding craft decoration

decorated with gold foil
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Craft We are more professionalcraftsmanship spiri,Inheriting the traditional craftsmanship,The brand promise;Confidence
Bo liters—为您提供一站式贴金服务
“Bo rose gold”Since the founding of the enterprise;Has focused on sales of decorative materials and to undertake decoration engineering enterprise,The main24kPure gold foil silver foil,Copper foil,Taiwan gold foil,Color foil etc;At the same time provide product application and series products of process integrated solutions to create paste gold foil industry pioneer and leader
Buddha gold
Buddha gold
Gold city sculpture
Gold city sculpture
Building decoration gold
Building decoration gold
Coloured drawing or pattern
Coloured drawing or pattern
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24Hours service hotline:135 3909 2225Advice immediately
Four advantages
Mass of choose and buy to meet customer demandMeet customer's bulk purchase demand

9Big series200MoreVarieties30A variety ofGilding technique,Bulk can meet the customers purchasing requirements

The introduction of imported production equipment and testing instruments;Strictly abide by it3cQuality management system;The annual output can reach1000Tons

Their ownLarge storage warehouse;Can meet the demand of customers a large number of procurement

Original factory original pin Cost performance is better than peersMeet customer's bulk purchase demand

Long-term stable gold foil gold engineering service providers;Has its own professional technical team;ReducedThe intermediate links;The price is more reasonable

The integration of servicesDesign、Production、The installation、Maintenance;All routing seamless docking better benefit customers

Can bePersonalization;Meet the different needs of different customers on the gold foil gold

The Buddha
Quality and safety of environmental protection To ensure high qualityQuality safety and environmental protection

Construction of even thickness;Strong cohesive force;No crack、Antioxidant、High gloss;Flexible material to replace the traditional rigid material;Non-toxic pollution-free

Multi-channel processThe quality control,Research and development production strictly follow international standards

100%No subcontract,Build center construction directly!Can be adjusted according to the needs of engineering construction scheduleEnsure the volume, completed on time

The nanny after-sales service systemNanny after-sales service system

48HoursThe fast response,For you to solve all kinds of after-salesMaintenance repair and other issues;For you to solve trouble back at home!

Every kind of product we will sample after the construction completion,And import the product after-sale system convenient late replenishment or maintenance can find related products in a timely manner,ErrorBelow5%

Walked into the usGold foil gold engineering custom preferred brand
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Bo liters gilding craft decorationDongguan qiaotou bo rose decorative material hereinafter referred to as the bo gilding craft decoration,Is a professional decorative materials and decoration engineering,The main24kPure gold foil,Silver foil,Copper foil gold foil in Taiwan,Colour foils,Imitation gold,A silver,Gold special glue,Antique oil/Do old material such as water。

Gold foil line series Taiwan clinquant foil thickness,Colour and lustre is consistent,Quality is stable,Edges in order,No crack,Antioxidant,Solvent resistance,High gloss...
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How to stick clinquant discoloration
How to stick clinquant discoloration

Now many people face stick after clinquant discolor easily,So what causes change color?Dongguan gilding to one by one to you,And then teach you…

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